My 3 all-time favourite happiness books

happiness Jul 01, 2020

There are a lot of self-help books on Happiness out there but it is one thing to read about a topic and another one to feel the will and the motivation to commit to apply its teachings in your life. I am a firm believer that when you understand the processes of your body and your mind, you are much more likely to find this strong motivation to make changes and even more likely to make these changes sustainable.

Here are my 3 favourite books on the topic of happiness, because they do not only just deliver the holy grail of Happiness, they provide scientific explanations about your brain and also tangible proofs that the recommended practices work and also different perspectives on the topic of Happiness.

Remember, you can do small things inside your mind that will lead to big changes in your brain and your experience of living… so go ahead, give these a try ! or contact us at the Happiness Society to see how we can accompany you along the path of Happiness ...

THE HOW OF HAPPINESS (for everyone)

Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology at the university of California, explains with science-based facts what happiness is, what it is not and that it is actually possible to become happier.

She details 12 specific intentional activities that will rewire your brain to ultimately raise your happiness levels as well as tips on how to make these practices successful and most importantly sustainable.

This is the must-go-to book for anyone looking for a step by step program to a happier life !

Buddha's brain Rick Hanson

BUDDHA'S BRAIN ( for the science geek)

Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius combine the knowledge of thousand of years of meditative practice with the latest findings of neuroscience.

They explain how our (amazing) unconscious nervous system functions allowed the survival of our species but are also not always adapted to the challenges of our times. The good new though is that, by scientifically studying the brain of people applying contemplative practices in their daily life, they managed to  demonstrate that we can actually shape and change our brain to live a more fulfilling, happy life.  

Happy Derren Brown

HAPPY (for the philosopher)

Derren Brown, the crazy magician, explains that Happiness really is nothing but a trick of the mind. He explores the history of Happiness from the Classic Times up to today to finally declare that Happiness is simply to enjoy the good things in life for what they are.

Very close to stoicism and certainly not exciting enough for me but a great read to look at the topic from different perspectives.



Happy reading everyone !

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