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From low-level unhappiness (crushing despair too at times) to long-lasting happiness

Born in Cannes, in the gorgeous French Riviera, I had everything to be happy from the moment I was adopted. But I saw myself as a "glass half empty" person. I lived from a place of lack, always very anxious to please everyone around me, not truly feeling good enough deep inside. I sadly quickly learnt to hide all vulnerabilities, put on a mask and work hard to get what I wanted.

Fast forward ... I graduated from KEDGE Business School/Grande Ecole with a Master in Management and worked for FMCG and Finance companies (Danone, Lactalis, UBS) before moving into Media, working with Canal+ and running my own project management consultancy in Paris and London.

I spent years juggling career and family life, with its ups and downs and most of the time to the detriment of my own wellbeing. Too much stress and too little time: I was always waiting for happiness to magically appear when I got "the thing" - next Easter's holiday in the sun, moving into our new house after months of renovation, the promotion I had been working really hard for...

Something was missing: happiness was missing. It had somehow become a destination, and I had forgotten to enjoy the ride.

I hit rock bottom after my divorce and became incredibly depressed and suffered with excruciating anxiety and low self-esteem. 

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Long story short, this led me to study the Science of Happiness at UC Berkley and the fun began!

Within a few weeks of studying the neuroscience of happiness and applying the techniques I was learning, my entire life shifted. I got my mojo back! I became increasingly resilient to stress, incredibly optimistic and fiercely confident. I started taking risks, getting out of my comfort zone, thinking outside the box and most importantly I started to really enjoy life. This shift in my mindset also had an amazing ripple effect on the people around me and on my interactions with others.

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This has been such a powerful experience for me that it became obvious that I had to make it my life's mission.

I now share these tools with people to help them deal with stress, build the mindset to become successful in every area of their life and most importantly to have fun along the way. I am truly passionate about everything and anything related to happiness, so I keep on studying and adding cutting-edge skills to my happiness box.

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When you understand how your brain works, it's not complicated to start taming it to feel happier, calmer, more confident and to make the most of life.



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