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""I am very pleased to say that attendees to Steph’s session today very much enjoyed her delivery style, and the session’s content. Change is never an easy subject to deliver in a presentation. Furthermore, Steph’s openness and generosity were greatly appreciated: at certain points during the talk, Steph used personal examples of her personal life to practically ‘bring to life’ some of the issues she was trying to explain. A number of the attendees mentioned to me that these very examples helped them to fully grasp what Steph was trying to articulate to them.""

HR Director

"Steph is one of the most amazing people I have ever been lucky enough to work with. My outlook on life (and all it’s twists and turns) has changed so much and she has been a vital part of my positive life journey. There was life before Steph and life afterwards :) I can not recommend her and The Happiness Society enough. Magic, life changing work! "

Vicky Silverthorn
Founder @ You Need A Vicky

"You can't help but have fun and feel alive with Steph. Her vibrancy and positive attitudes are infectious. Her authenticity is powerful. Geeking out on all the science that backs up her work, she is incredibly passionate and knowledgable about bringing more happiness into the world. Every time I'm with her I learn something new, have a good laugh, touch on some truths, explore the profound and feel my best self coming through. She is the person you want at all your parties, to go to in times of need, and to inspire your best life."

Angie Starn
Founder @ The Runyon Project

"'The Happiness Guru’ Steph really is your go to guru when it comes to Mindfulness and Happiness. Stephanie works in a way which allows all engaged to understand clearly the science behind happiness, whilst explaining and demonstrating in a fun, light, and engaging way. It is through experience that we learn, and Steph introduces simple techniques to practise allowing you to not only understand how it works, but to first had experience the results for yourself. It is a pleasure to work along side Stephanie, and help raise the mindfulness of many."

Sara Drai
Founder @ Yogi2Me

"Steph’s talk on the Science of Happiness was truly inspiring! She has such an honest approach, full of interesting facts and doable tips on how to really embrace happiness and be mindful of how it can be a part of your every moment, without making it sound like a load of flower power mumbo jumbo! It's such a pleasure to listen to her talk covering the true meaning of a subject that can be so overlooked/misunderstood. Came away feeling thoroughly positive and enlightened. Really looking forward to her next talk now! "

Christina Marty
Founder @ Christiana Couture

"I recently attended a Stress Detox workshop at Soho House and did not really know what to expect. I came out having gained amazing knowledge about the science behind Happiness and the simple ways in life to reduce or avoid stress such as breathing, stretching, meditation, etc... If you are interested in Mindfulness, Happiness therapy or Stress Management then contact Stephanie right away, she will transform your life"

Antoine Melon
CEO @ Highland Hospitality