Hi, I'm Steph, a no-BS Happiness Activator, on a mission to help you live your life to the fullest

Using cutting-edge, scientific methods that actually work and create rapid and lasting change

Forget everything you think you know about wellbeing & happiness : it's time for a new, happier chapter in your life ... And it's easier than you think!

How I can help you

Let's get straight to the point: only 10% of your happiness depends on the circumstances of your life. Yes, you read that right. Ironically, what many of us are lead to believe will make us happy (the perfect job, house, partner, body etc), and the pursuit of it, actually ends up creating stress and a sense of lack.

The secret is to focus on the sweet spot of activation/alchemy between Body, Mind and Heart. Our true power is ignited up when we’re aligned and abundant on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

When we change the filter through which we view life, the outside falls into place. When we live from an abundant state, we rapidly up-level our experience of life. Those dreams you have? They’ll become reality quicker than you ever thought possible. 

Some of the awesome people I've worked with ...

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