Free Meditations for all

meditations resources Jul 01, 2020

My friends,

Here are a few meditations that will help you on your happiness journey. They all use different techniques and have different purpose. Just click the links and give them a try. 

I will regularly update this library but the best way to get notified when a new meditation is released is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

You are safe (10 minutes anxiety relief)

 When stress builds up in our life, it also layers up into our body and triggers anxiety. We start to see life through the dark lens of anxiety, fear and negativity. Use this 10 minute meditation in the morning to calm down your nervous system, to regain clarity

Finding Balance, Peace & Strength (14 minutes)

This is a chakra based meditation to balance the energy within your physical and emotional body, to regain a deep sense of peace, strength, security and faith in the future. It will slow down your mind, allowing you to step our of stress and anxiety. We also use the meditative brain waves to plant inner resources within your subconscious mind.

Relaxation Shower (12 minutes)

This relaxation shower will allow you in only 12 minutes to wash away all stress, tensions and anxieties and feel calmer and more at peace. When you feel overwhelmed and anxious during the day, take 12 minutes out of your busy schedule to reboot your nervous system and feel more serene, more in control. In the evening, use this meditation to let go of a stressful day and enter the nigh with calm and peace.

Healing the Heart (20 minutes) 

When facing separation, we are too often overwhelmed by difficult emotions like sadness, loneliness, fear, hurt, injustice, hopelessness or sometimes guilt. Emotions are energy in motion, but we tend to bottle them up because they are too difficult to fully experience and so they inevitably resurface here and there. This guided meditation will allow you to feel the feelings, from a safe place, and release these emotions. With a little repetition of this meditation, you will clear your heart from these emotions that are holding you back.

Shift your mindset in 3 minutes

Sometimes we are stuck in negativity, self-bashing, anxiety, insecurity and this mindset (or attitude) is not serving us at all. This quick meditation guides you to change your mindset in record times. It allows you to cultivate more optimism, kindness, compassion and roll with punches of life.
Let me know how you find it.

Heart Focussed Meditation

When days are tough, emotions all over the place, thoughts not very helpful or empowering, when negativity is showing up too hard, try this quick reset exercise type meditation to dial down difficult emotions, bounce back from difficulties and interrupt the stress response. You will feel refreshed in a few minutes. There are 2 versions in 1, you can stop after 3 minutes or continue for 5 minutes.