The beauty of my work is that

all these people have changed my life as much as I helped them change theirs

“Steph is a remarkable woman that has given me the guidance that has shifted the direction of my life. Not only has she helped me find my true path and purpose for ‘what’ I do, but she has helped me discover ‘who’ I really am and given me the tools to take responsibility for it. Her ability to back up a spiritual understanding with science, documented studies and logic really resonated with my way of learning. Life has changed substantially in 3 months and I know I am just scratching the surface with its potential. Thank you for waking me Steph and for the the love and compassion you have shown me throughout the process.”

Nick - Journalist, TV presenter

"In just seven sessions I am strong and feel like I can conquer the world now! 

I've been having sessions with Steph for a few months now and I can honestly say she has completely changed my life! I went to her with an original problem but not only have we managed to tackle it head-on but a lot of other issues have been resolved too. She has a truly special gift of making you feel like you can do absolutely anything your heart desires. She rocks!"

Lindsey - PR CEO

"It’s hard to put into words just how much Steph has helped me after a particularly traumatic time. Her kindness and empathy is coupled with a refreshing ‘no BS’ approach which, in my experience, is absolutely the best combination. I was looking for sound, practical advice and guidance to help me move on and deal with things when I first approached Steph, but I received a whole lot more. After each session, Steph would email me my ‘programme’ for the week, much of it based on scientific studies on how to positively ‘shift’ your thoughts. She would be encouraging and supportive, creating an environment of trust and an understanding that as the client, you also need to put in the work in order to progress. I looked forward to speaking with Steph each time and learning from her. Her humour, humility and openness, coupled with her knowledge and professionalism, really is very special. I would wholeheartedly recommend her, not only as a coach but as a source of inspiration. "

Kirsten -  Writer

"Steph is an amazing soul. She has helped me move forward, pushed me to do things I would otherwise have put off and actually believe in myself. I am healing everyday and setting goals I would not have thought about.

Words are not enough for how grateful I am to have taken the leap of working with her."

Angela -  GP

"Steph explains the science behind happiness in a clear and down to earth manor. In just 5 days she managed to change my mind on pretty much everything by showing gratitude and how to apply it. Chatting with Steph is like chatting to an old friend, you feel uplifted and courageous afterwards."

Lucy - Actress

"I could not recommend Steph enough. She has the kindest soul and is so passionate about her job. I have learnt so much during the happiness course and little tweaks have made such a huge difference to my life, which without Steph, I would NEVER have done - it really is life changing."

Lauren - PA

"Steph is brilliant. Her deep knowledge of the science behind happiness combined with her down to earth, warm and sound approach is what makes her so effective. Excited to recommend to my pals and progress further myself."

Hazel -  Event Organiser

"When I first started my coaching journey with Steph I was facing in to a really tough time at work, I felt incredibly stressed and my mind was frantic! I'd never invested in any coaching before but having attended a talk on resilience by Steph I knew she was exactly the kind of person I needed in my life. Full of energy, straight talking and a scientific approach to her methods and I have absolutely no regrets about taking this step.

From the first few conversations we had Steph quickly got to know me and got to the root of the challenges I was facing. She explained things in such a clear way and supported each of our sessions with notes and follow up exercises which I was able to weave in to my daily routines. From the offset meditation has become a part of my life and has since become a joy to practice and I do so daily. I have felt the difference this makes to my outlook and well-being and the benefits haven't just been noticed by me, but my friends and family have also noticed a shift in my happiness.

I always thought I was a people pleaser and knew I focused too many of my worries on what people thought of me and how I was perceived. With coaching Steph has shown me how to break this cycle whilst still being true to myself as well as how to manage my inner critic which has boosted my confidence and self belief.

I have gained clarity on my goals and with Steph's help and support dedicated more time in to defining these, rather than just allowing life to rush past me. I know that through coaching I have learnt so much more about myself, I have grown as a person and I have gained a huge amount of confidence that I would never have thought possible without her amazing guidance."

Natalie - 

"Steph taught me invaluable methods and strategies which included written exercises, meditations and breathing techniques which contributed to me achieving all three of my challenges (Reduce Stress, Manage Anxiety, boost my emotional wellbeing). Talking to her on a regular basis helped create calm in my routine and she responded to each challenge I had with a specific application that I could use to improve my emotional intelligence in that area.

My stress and anxiety levels reduced significantly. I felt and continue to feel so much happier in myself and no longer experience the brain fog I did when I started. My concentration has improved, my overall performance at work and my day-to-day contentment are significantly improved.

I am so grateful to have met Steph and had the opportunity to finish the programme. She has not only helped me gain clarity and calm, she has also equipped me with lifelong skills that I can use to maintain that going forwards. I am so grateful for her patience and efforts."

Chantal - Artist

"Steph is one of the most amazing people I have ever been lucky enough to work with. My outlook on life (and all its twists and turns) has changed so much and she has been a vital part of my positive life journey. There was life before Steph and life afterwards :) I can not recommend her and The Happiness Society enough. Magic, life changing work!"

Vicky - Personal Organiser

"Only 5 sessions in, and I have seen a massive shift in myself.  I am making huge strides, I am so much more confident, and I can now see a wonderful future that is in my grasp. "

Parul - Cake maker

"I had found my all time low when I first met Stephanie. In weeks I started to feel a difference. A year later, and I am living my best life, the happiest person I know. In between I have learnt so much and made a friend for life. "

Neil - Finance Executive

"This one session was far more beneficial than 6 week courses of counselling have been. "

Laura - PR Executive

"My stress and anxiety levels reduced significantly in just 3 sessions. I felt and continue to feel so much happier in myself and no longer experience the brain fog I did when I started. My concentration has improved, my overall performance at work and my day-to-day contentment are significantly improved."

Kelly - Architect

"My course with Stephanie was completely unique and equipped me with tools that I can use for the rest of my life to maintain a balanced and heathy mindset. I feel more resilient, in control of my emotions and much happier as a result. No matter what lies ahead I know that I will be able to deal with any challenges in a positive way."

Angelina - Finance CEO


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