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Next Cohort Starts September 2023

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Transform Exhaustion & Anxiety into Resilience & Joy

Nervous System Regulation is the key to gently move you

From Survival, Frozen Mode

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Low Mood & Negative thoughts
  • Overthinking
  • Self-doubt
  • Exhaustion & Burnout
  • Chronic pains


To Thriving, Empowering Mode

  • Calm & control
  • Joy & Optimism
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • Energy & Clarity
  • Optimum bodily functions

We are getting to the root of the issue

The process is gentle, practical and super efficient

The latest scientific research suggests that nervous system dysregulation is at the root of all anxiety, unhelpful mental habits and increases chronic pains.

REBOOT is a unique, scientific and practical program that will pull you out of survival mode and allow you to build a performant mind-body unit 


How does it work ?

6 online modules

Understanding the science behind our work is very powerful, you will learn each week a little more about your body, your mind & your emotions

6 weekly live workshops

We will put into practice the online learnings with a new tool each week, reflections, exercises. I will answer all your questions and support you individually.


You will practice 10-15 minutes daily and be able to see how efficient your practice is, to make the necessary adjustments to meet your needs and to track your progress.

Supportive Community

You will join my Facebook community of clients and access more resources, videos and support from all the wonderful people there.

Cutting-Edge Heart-Brain Science

Nervous Systems Regulation with HeartMath®

HeartMath® is a powerful system of techniques and bio-feedback technology to shift from exhaustion and stress to resilience, joy and confidence.

  • Backed by 25 years of research 
  • Validated by over 400 independent peered-reviewed studies
  • Used by 10 000 health professionals
  • Endorsed by hundreds of hospital, schools and organisations
  • Learn to shift from negative thoughts and emotions in real time
  • Restructure your neural circuits for more resilience
  • Regulate your nervous system and your emotions
  • Bring your mind and body to an optimum functioning state

HeartMath is practical, fast and highly effective.

What is Biofeedback?

A cutting-edge technology that measures how your heart beats and that helps us measure if your nervous system is in a state of "fear/anxiety" or a place of "healing".

Many coaches teach techniques to relax, boost confidence or optimism but they have no real scientific way to measure that theses work. Often, people are not sure if they are doing things the right way or if they work.

With this equipment, you will be able to see the changes, check that your practices are efficient and start doing them differently if need be.

You will learn how to shift from surviving to thriving and see immediate results.

I will lend you the equipment and access to an app. You will plug yourself in for each practice and be able to see in real time wether your body is stressed or relaxed, your overall coherence (optimum state of performance of the mind and body).

The value of this kit is £200. I will therefore ask you to return it to me at the end of the program in good condition and in the box.

You deserve Happiness!

It is your job to do everything in your power to make the most out of this incredible gift that is life.

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REBOOT 6 weeks online program

I want your purchase of this program to be 100% STRESS-FREE!

So, if you follow all the steps of this program and still don't feel better after 14 days, I will refund you 100% of your investment

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive access to my online portal. It is a hidden part of my website reserved for members only.

The programme is made up of videos, downloadable audios, worksheets and live online zoom workshops.

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates.

You can ask questions in the Facebook group or on the live workshops .

You also have lifetime access to the programme so you can return to it whenever you want as long as I’m still running it.

Follow the process, get results.

The online modules will open every Friday so that you have the weekend plus Monday to Thursday to view them.

Our live zoom sessions will take place on Thursday evening at 7:30. 

I will be present in the Facebook group all week to answer your questions, help and support you.

We are creating real change in the way you are thinking, feeling and behaving. So, like everything that is worthwhile, it will take a little time and some consistency.

The actions are not difficult, nor too time consuming but they require a little repetition in order to create significant and sustainable change.

The online weekly learning modules are bite-sized and should not take you more than 30 minutes each week.

You will be eager to carry out the daily homework in between live sessions, never more than 15 minutes a day.


This all program is completely science backed. Expect no flower-power but practical easy science that works.

I also know it works because I am teaching you exactly the same tools and strategies that changed my life and that I am using with my private clients.

You just need to follow the process, do the homework one day at a time and the shift will happen.

To remove any additional stress when starting this program, you also have the 14 days money-back guarantee. 

It is a risk-free, stress-free decision and a no-brainer!

This program is for you if :

  • You are feeling stressed and constantly overwhelmed
  • You are experiencing mental, emotional or physical symptoms of anxiety
  • You are overthinking, constantly worrying and experiencing too many negative thoughts 
  • You are experiencing chronic pains and would like to reduce the symptoms while being able to enjoy life
  • You want to improve your bodily functions, immune system functions
  • You are struggling with ADHD and could do with more emotional balance, peace , focus and concentration
  • You want to experience more joy, positive emotions, excitement
  • You want to feel calmer, more in control, more confident in yourself

The sessions will be recorded so you can access them via the online portal in your own time and get all the benefits from our deep experiences.

If you do have questions or need support, you can always ask your questions in the facebook group.