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I am the no-BS Happiness Expert, helping people take tangible actions to live happier lives


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I graduated from KEDGE Business School/Grande Ecole in France with a Master in Management and started my career in London in Customer services for FMCG companies (Danone, Lactalis) and in Finance (UBS). I did spend the larger part of my career in the Media industry, successfully designing and implementing complex technical projects with huge marketing and commercial impacts - either in-house (Canal+) and eventually running my own Project Management Consultancy in Paris and in London.

I spent years juggling career and family life, with its ups and downs and most of the time to the detriment of my own wellbeing. Too much stress coupled with too little time and happiness always seemed to be ahead of me, something that I had to wait for ... next Easter's holiday in the sun, moving into our new house after months of renovation, the promotion I had been working really hard for ...  Something was missing, Happiness was missing because it somehow became a destination and I had forgotten to enjoy the ride!

Long story short, the rollercoaster of life took me on the 'Science of Happiness' race at UC Berkeley and the fun began! Within a few weeks of studying the neuroscience of happiness and applying the techniques I was learning, my entire life shifted. I got my modjo back ! I became increasingly resilient to stress, very optimistic and fiercely confident, I started taking risks, getting out of my comfort zone, thinking outside the box and most importantly I started to really enjoy life. This shift in my mindset also had an amazing ripple effect on the people around me and on my interactions with others.

This has been such a powerful experience for me that it became obvious that I had to make it my life mission, sharing these tools with people to help them deal with stress, build the mindset to become successful in every area of their life and most importantly to have fun along the way. I am truly passionate about everything and anything related to Happiness, so I still keep on studying and adding skills to my happiness toolbox.

I am an expert in the Science of Happiness at work & at play, and a certified Mindfulness, Heart Math & Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) coach.



This is what makes me different

  • I have been to hell and back, have experienced all the tools first hand and am only sharing strategies, tools and techniques that work!
  • I have had a very versatile career from working in international corporations to running my own businesses. So, I do understand the challenges and pressures you might be facing at work.
  • I have a scientific and very pragmatic approach  - No Flower Power ! The techniques I am using/sharing are 100% science-based and can realistically be integrated in our busy lives
  • I truly engage people in taking care of their own wellbeing - even the most cynical ones! 
  • I have been married, divorced and have 2 teenage kids and most importantly I have managed to keep my sanity through this rollercoaster :-)

I coach both private and corporate clients to help them navigate challenging & stressful situations and live happier and more more successful lives.

My 4 steps methodology

I have developed a unique methodology to help you build a Happy Mindset

Manage stress and anxiety to feel calmer, more in control and to gain the clarity to make the right decisions.

Free yourself from the past, let go of the old beliefs and programs that are limiting your expansion.

Build a strong mindset, gain unshakable confidence in yourself and in what life has to offer.

Define your desires and goals, design a plan of action and start creating that new life one action at a time.


It was published a few years back by Happiful Magazine, click the logo to read more.

It took me a while to reveal my real story because of the stigma still attached with depression. I was ashamed to admit it to others.

Today, I can say that all these battles with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem where a true blessing in disguise.

Not only did I make it to the other side, but I now feel invincible because I know that regardless of what is happening in my life, Happiness is within me and I can connect with it anytime, anywhere thanks to all the practical tools and techniques I learnt.

The 5 secrets to a Happier life

Once you understand how your brain works, it's not complicated to start taming it to feel happier, calmer, more confident and to make the most of life

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